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Instagram as a marketing platform with 1 billion users and 500 million daily active users who have access to an ocean of content makes it really competitive but also a huge potential source for businesses. It is the second most used social network after Facebook. Initially, it was more of an advertising platform and was used to interact with the target audience. Lately, it can contribute to direct purchases as well. It is no longer just for personal use and now acts as a global platform for brands to advertise their content, recruit new talent and to showcase their content. With so much content being put out daily, you can also stand out with a little bit of help. Simple things like sticking to the right trend and using relevant hashtags can rank your profile or posts higher in search results. For this, we need to learn about the Instagram algorithm.

How the Instagram Algorithm works

The Instagram Algorithm uses machine learning to choose which post gets seen by the users every time they open the app. The feed is tailored according to current Instagram trends and according to every individual user’s online behavior. Every year there is a new Instagram algorithm and it has been changing ever since they ditched the chronological feed. Basically, it is a framework of rules that decides what your users see on their feed and in what order. It looks at the user’s past activity and filters all the photos and videos to evaluate which one might be interesting to the user. In 2016, Instagram released a statement that the algorithm is designed to prioritize the moments users care about. So each person will have a unique feed as well as unique search recommendations.  

You can stay relevant on Instagram by posting good quality content and posting often, but also give attention to the finer details by understanding the algorithm better and some search engine optimization for Instagram.

The algorithm ranks posts by checking similar interests based on the user engagement and user timelines, enabling more recent posts to be prioritized. It shows more content from your Instagram feed to which you’ve shown interest and accounts you interact with often.

Posting often and getting more engagement from your audience in the form of likes and comments can also help promote your account. 

Instagram SEO

Instagram SEO is how we optimize your Instagram content to rank your profile higher in search engine results and it is an important process to gain access to new consumers. Making use of SEO greatly increases your reach and opportunity of being discovered by a user who is interested in related content. This basically means more views, likes and followers which is what we’re after while building a brand.

We identify keywords to use in Instagram to make relevant posts and captions which might appear on the search. Hashtagging plays an important role in post ranking because they act as keywords and can get searched by users.

Optimizing the username according to the content that you want to post can also make a difference since your profile name can be searched when it is related to the user’s interests.

Understanding the algorithm along with some Instagram SEO helps us optimize your content to increase your reach on online platforms.

To learn more about Search Engine Optimization and Social Media requirements for your business, contact us at https://diztos.com/contact-us/ and we will be happy to help you.

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