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The Future of Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is the enhancement of the real physical world that is achieved through computer generated visual elements, sound, haptic and many other stimuli. It uses data from the environment to create these stimulations. Virtual reality gives the user a completely different environment whereas, augmented reality is just the alteration of one’s perception of the environment. AR technology is one of the biggest trends now more than ever as the availability of AR technology is increasing and everybody has access to mobile devices. The AR technology can be used in a wide range of fields and applications so there is a lot of investment in this field. During the current surge in data sciences, AR technology has a primary goal of collecting data and this form of big data can give brands and businesses different customer insights for them to make informed decisions and sales strategies.

Augmented reality technology provides the ability for people to interact with the physical environment in ways that were never possible. It’s been used in many companies to provide training and assistance by giving trainees an immersive experience to learn. Furniture brands have adopted AR technology for the consumer to see what they’re buying in their living room before making the purchase. The applications can extend even into the medical field where it has been used by neurosurgeons to visualize for reference before surgery. In the future it will bridge the gap between the real and virtual world.

Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing

It can be used as a powerful marketing tool as it allows businesses and bands to give their customers a completely new interactive user experience. The growing demand of consumers is forcing everybody to be more creative in their marketing and sales strategies, along with that the current high in ecommerce is forcing new innovations for digital marketing and augmented reality is a step in that direction. Brands can use this technology to engage their customers by means like augmented shopping which is one of the most popular.

AR technology gives us the ability to make interactive advertisements which are proven to create a memorable experience and helps in enhancing brand outreach. By means of technology, marketers have the ability to make ads fun where the consumers interact with the ads. Likewise it can be used to improve website services for creating new user interfaces.

AR can be used to integrate print and video marketing. When circulating any printed material, it can contain a code or image to be scanned which will then show the video version of the promotional material. Small accessories like this could help make your brand stand out from the rest of the competition.

How can AR Technology improve your business?

It improves ecommerce by giving users a more realistic shopping experience where they get to interact with the product like in a traditional shop. Hence, it helps in eliminating that little bit of doubt in the consumer’s mind before making an online purchase. Creating consumer interaction and giving them something new will keep them excited about the brand.

Furniture brands like IKEA have created an augmented reality mobile app that allows users to check how certain furniture will look and fit in their homes. The app, IKEA Place, uses the in-built smartphone camera to project and visualize different furniture pieces on the mobile screen

Aircraft manufacturers Boeing, have used AR glasses to guide trainee workers in building the wing of an aircraft. The glasses project images on the parts which are visible on the lens to assist the workers.

Ecommerce company Shopify, have integrated AR tools to upload 3D models of their products on their website which can be viewed by customers on their screens.

Companies that release educational content have used AR in their content with many different visual models for consumers to visualize and understand what they’re learning which makes the learning process more engaging.

The possibilities for AR applications are plentiful and it’s introduction into digital marketing strategy makes it’s a very exciting for the future.

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